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What to say to a woman on a first personal date

Your dream come true and you believe you have met beloved woman. You are in expectation of a first personal dating … First time to look in her eyes, say first tender words… So, how to attract attention of a woman, how to be interesting in talk, make a good impression? Do you agree, if you ever do just compliments, the lady you seem too insincere.

Some men on the first date behave like does not say a word, he keeps mum. They very much want to create an impression a serious man, but in fact – are boring person who have nothing to tell. Women love by the ears. And – yes! – They love the romantics, men with whom they can talk endlessly “about the eternal.”

  1. About hobbies. Tell of your hobbies
    This is a boundless theme. You can tell your companion about your favorite authors of books, paintings, and all things you plan to do in the near future.
    Talk about your favorite things can be a long time without stopping, so, see the reaction of your interlocutor. If you felt that the woman is boring, lightly change the subject.
  2. About the job. If it is extremely interesting
    You’ll want to know more about each other to provide a complete image. Job and career plans play a significant role in life. You can know how ambitious your woman, to what heights she seeks in life. Or not seek but is content with a stable position.
  3. About the stars
    Not just romantic attach such importance to the stars and the planets. Does your woman believed in horoscopes, omens, divination? At what points will converge your horoscopes? In India, for example, horoscopes attach great importance: before the wedding, compare the horoscopes of bride and groom, and if they do not agree, the wedding may even disrupt.
  4. about the culinary preferences
    Talking about cooking can not only foodies or people who love to cook. Tell your woman about your favorite dishes and desserts. Suddenly you find that you have the same tastes. Or you’re both vegetarians. Then it’s just fate brought you together!
  5. About pets
    If you have any pets at home, do not hesitate to tell about them to your new friend. Only allergic individual and selfish people don’t love the animals. The story about your a dog or cat will be a good addition for talking. And may be a purpose for the new meeting.
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What would you say on a first dating, the main thing – that it may be interesting to talk with your companion, and you would feel the expression of sympathy on her part. Do not be afraid of appearing ridiculous or strange. We are all very different people. Therefore not played a superhero, just be yourself.
Have a good dating!