Dating russian woman Natasha
Dating russian woman Natasha looking marriage

In contrast to the correspondence, the phone conversation with a eastern woman has its own characteristics. If during the correspondence you feel that you like a woman, ask her to continue dialogue by the phone and arrange an appropriate date and time. Be ready for the fact that the member of her family can answer you, so clearly call the name of the russian lady.

By the tone of voice, her timbre and intonation you can get to know people and form in his mind a true portrait. If a woman does not know your native language, perhaps it is better to use the services of an interpreter. If she knows the language is not very good, then be ready to speak slowly or repeat phrases. To learn to understand each other, it takes time and patience. Do not expect immediate results. The name of a lady pronounce correctly. When she first time call her name, remember, as she says.

Culture of telephone communication requires that the caller is always says his name. Different countries have different etiquette of telephone conversations. According to Western tradition, for example, in America, speaking with someone beginning with the words: “How are you?”, usually get the answer: “Fine, thanks” and the same question: “how are you?”. Eastern cultures do not like to talk “to beat about the bush”, and tend to move more quickly to the heart of the matter, that is, immediately after the greeting. So, read in the internet, how usually carry a dialogue in a country where your russian lady is living.

Do not worry about the fact that the conversation is difficult. The more you talk, the more it will be easier. Gradually the conversation about the weather, work will proceed in a more frank conversation.
At the end of the conversation thank the lady for a call and tell that it gave you great joy, and say hello to her family. Remember that the friendly tone means more than the words.

Have a good dating!

russian lady woman

Dating russian lady woman looking marriage