You had studied English language but still afraid to speak it? Do you want to talk in English but skips into Russian? Make a present for yourself– give our communicative English course.

Aim of the course: developing communicative skills in English language
Your level now: is tested on an interview, then the most suitable group is defined Course length: 3 months (48 academic hours)
Result: You start communicating in English, overcomes language barriers and fright of errors.
You get all material for studying by e-mail for free!

After our communicative course you can:

  • communicate with native speakers without difficulties for both sides;
  • tell one’s opinion on the problem and discuss advantages and disadvantages;
  • put your thoughts in writing in logical and clear form;
  • understand texts on definite topics;
  • read texts and get information out of them.

If you are still in doubts you can have a look at our students’ opinions here. All of them have already got through beginner’s level; many are already married and live in English-speaking countries.
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