If you got acquainted with the man of your dream but have never studied English, it will be a right decision to sign into English language course for beginners.

This course includes every lexical material you may need for getting to know each other and everyday communication.
Aim of the course: get to know basis of English language and learn to talk on the simple level
Your level now: beginner or elementary
Start of the course: every 1,5 months
Course length: 3 months (48 academic hours)
Each lesson is 2 academic hours long; there are 2 lessons per week
Result: You start to understand oral English language, learns basic grammar rules, can speak English covering elementary topics and can write short messages. And it gets really easier to communicate not using that much of dictionaries and Google translate anymore!

After our course you can:

  • tell about yourself, your family, friends and acquaintances;
  • understand simple dialogues and stories by native speakers;
  • understand and name numbers, measures of quantity, dates and time, prices;
  • fill in questionnaires with standard personal questions;
  • write short personal messages;
  • present yourself and answer personal questions;
  • ask questions and answer them.

Online lessons even have their advantages in comparison with standard ones. You can study in a comfortable atmosphere you used to, always be in touch with the teacher in case of questions, get all the material for studies absolutely for free!

If you are still in doubts you can have a look at our students’ opinions here. All of them have already got through beginner’s level; many are already married and live in English-speaking countries.
Here you can get detailed information and sign in our course – English for making acquaintance