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Very difficult for me to understand men, who lives with his children or stay with them half of all time and writes to 18-20 years old girls. Please, dear, think carefully! Even if she will write that she will be happy to raise your children and to help you with everything, how can you think about your happy future together till?

How can you believe that she will always stay with you? She will love you and she will try to help you, may be, but… She is young girl and didn’t see almost anything in her life! Now everything is in pink colours for her and your children too, but when you will start to live all together, are you sure that she will enough strong to go through all difficulties??? After some time she will understand that she spending her best ages not as a young girl, but as a young mother and more housewife. I think that after some years she will leave you for the other young person to start her life with him from the beginning and you will stay with broken heart. Be careful!

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At the same time I want to say that women with small or big life experience (from 30) know something in life and if they write to you, that they are ready to take your children in their hearts, they know that they will! Of course each of them understand that she will have a lot of difficulties from the beginning, but they are ready to go through them, they are ready to become your support in everything, your best friend, lover and love! Be sure that with them you can build real strong family.

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Such women with the pleasure will do everything possible to become a real friend or even mother for your children. If she decided to stay with you, she will never divide children in two families and you will become one united family! Good luck, it is true that a lot of women at this site want to have great family and your children will be only happiness for her!