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  • Femme Russes Olga de russie

    Olga y/o de Ekaterinburg, russie
    173cm. 53kg. Hairhazel, EyeGreen

    I am strong personality with easy-going character and internal strength. I am responsive and kind woman....

    Olga femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Nathalie de russie

    Nathalie y/o de Chernyahovsk, K, russie
    168cm. 57kg. Hairbrown, EyeBrown

    I am faithful, responsive, romantic, sensitive, open, easy-going, calm person. I prefer calm rest at home or in a company of my close friends and I do...

    Nathalie femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Marina de russie

    Marina y/o de Kurgan, russie
    173cm. 61kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue green

    I can describe myself as a very open, intelligent and cheerful woman with a gentle nature and good sense of humor....

    Marina femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes - Frenc Natalya de Ukraine

    Natalya y/o de Marganets, Ukraine
    163cm. 59kg. Hairbrown, EyeDark brown

    By character I can say that I am soft, kind, nice person with kind heart. I like animals very much and since childhood I always had parrots, cats, dog...

    Natalya femme Russes - Frenc rencontre

  • Femme Russes Larissa de Romania

    Larissa y/o de Buharest, Romania
    173cm. 65kg. Hairgray, EyeGreen

    I am hard-working, calm, nice person with a kind heart. I like cats and nature, flowers, I value calmness, happiness. I am looking for serious relatio...

    Larissa femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Natalia de russie

    Natalia y/o de St.-Petersburg, russie
    170cm. 69kg. Hairdark, EyeGreen

    Often I can be unordinary and often my acts depend on the circumstances. I can have my own opinion, but at the same time I can temporize with people....

    Natalia femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Eva de russie

    Eva y/o de St-Petersburg, russie
    170cm. 69kg. Hairblack, EyeBlue

    By personality I am art type of person, enjoy and value everything beautiful in this world and enjoy creating beauty around me. I am sociable and easi...

    Eva femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Ucraine Marianna de russie

    Marianna y/o de Ufa, russie
    173cm. 69kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue gray

    By personality I am great romantic in my heart and still believe in love and strong relations. I am optimistic also and try to be positive in any life...

    Marianna femme Ucraine rencontre

  • Femme Russes Svetlana de russie

    Svetlana y/o de Moscow, russie
    165cm. 47kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue

    By personality I am goal-oriented intelligent person with a good sense of humor. Sometimes I can be quick-tempered, but calm down quickly. I am respon...

    Svetlana femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Tatyana de russie

    Tatyana y/o de Orenburg, russie
    170cm. 59kg. Hairwhite, EyeGray

    I am bright, optimistic person with a good sense of humor and kind heart. I always try to see positive features in any situation. My friends think th...

    Tatyana femme Russes rencontre

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