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  • Femme Russes Yulia de russie

    Yulia y/o de Tolyatti, russie
    165cm. 65kg. Hairhazel, EyeBrown

    My friends say that I am glamorous, open, passionate. .besides i am curious and enjoy developing my personality...

    Yulia femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Oksana de russie

    Oksana y/o de Ryazan, russie
    165cm. 63kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    By personality I am very active person and dont like seating at one place. I enjoy developing my personality, learning new things in life....

    Oksana femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Yana de russie

    Yana y/o de Sevastopol, russie
    168cm. 57kg. Hair, EyeBrown

    By personality I am cheerful, positive, open, hospitable, well-balanced person. I value sincerity, good sense of humor, faithfulness....

    Yana femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Belarusian Tatyana de Belarus

    Tatyana y/o de Minsk, Belarus
    155cm. 51kg. Hairdark blond, Eyegreen

    By personality I am shy, charming, interesting, curious, active, easy-going person with a kind heart and good sense of humor....

    Tatyana femme Belarusian rencontre

  • Femme Armenian Anushik de russie

    Anushik y/o de Chelyabinsk reg, russie
    165cm. 47kg. Hairblack, EyeBrown

    I am active person, but at the same time I am home type of person, love making experiments at the kitchen and cooking delicious meals, creating cozine...

    Anushik femme Armenian rencontre

  • Femme ukrainiens Svetlana de Ukraine

    Svetlana y/o de Odessa, Ukraine
    163cm. 53kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue gray

    I am art type of person and art is my life. I am musician, singer and music really helps me to work, relax and to be happy in life....

    Svetlana femme ukrainiens rencontre

  • Femme Russes Nadezhda de russie

    Nadezhda y/o de Permskiy krai, , russie
    163cm. 61kg. Hairbrown, EyeGray

    By character I am always optimistic, cheerful, active, friendly, honest, faithful, hard-working, patient, caring, tender person....

    Nadezhda femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Russes Anzhela de Belarus

    Anzhela y/o de Vitebsk, Belarus
    173cm. 71kg. Hairblonde, EyeBrown

    By personality I am cheerful, sociable, optimistic, friendly, impulsive, peaceful person. I am positive, like animals have a dog and cat. I like cars ...

    Anzhela femme Russes rencontre

  • Femme Ukraine Oksana de Ukraine

    Oksana y/o de Lvov, Ukraine
    163cm. 53kg. Hairgray, EyeHazel brown

    What can I say about myself.. By personality I am home type of person, enjoy creating coziness, comfort at home. But at the same time I am curious....

    Oksana femme Ukraine rencontre

  • Femme ukrainiens Svetlana de Ukraine

    Svetlana y/o de Zaporozhe, Ukraine
    173cm. 61kg. Hairbrown, EyeDark brown

    I prefer to be mystery, not to write usual things or something not connected with me as many girls write. I am sure that you will find who I am after ...

    Svetlana femme ukrainiens rencontre

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