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  • Ukrainian date bride Viktoriya Kiev

    Ukrainian girl Viktoriya from Kiev

    Viktoriya y/o from Kiev, Ukraine
    165cm. 49kg. Hairblack, EyeDark brown

    You are with good sense of humor, nice, caring, generous, caring, responsible. You can say anything but for me only acts make sense, not words!...

    Viktoriya Ukrainian dating

  • Belarusian date bride Yuliya Minsk

    Belarusian girl Yuliya from Minsk

    Yuliya y/o from Minsk, Belarus
    157cm. 53kg. Hairred, EyeBlue

    I am looking for responsible man with a good sense of humor....

    Yuliya Belarusian dating

  • Tatar date bride Anzhelika Tolyatti

    Tatar girl Anzhelika from Tolyatti

    Anzhelika y/o from Tolyatti, Russia
    168cm. 51kg. Hairblack, EyeBlue green

    I am not tall girl, so I would be happy to meet tall man near whom I will feel myself protected. You can make me laugh, but you are serious in life a...

    Anzhelika Tatar dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Evgeniya Kiev

    Ukrainian girl Evgeniya from Kiev

    Evgeniya y/o from Kiev, Ukraine
    170cm. 59kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    You must be yourself and accept who your partner is. A good relationship starts with acceptance. You must not force your partner to be someone else be...

    Evgeniya Ukrainian dating

  • Russian date bride Asya Ulan-Ude

    Russian girl Asya from Ulan-Ude

    Asya y/o from Ulan-Ude, Russia
    160cm. 49kg. Hairbrown, EyeBrown

    You are kind, faithful, brave, intelligent, love children, nice.. I am looking for young man who can provide everything necessary for his family. You...

    Asya Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Alexandra Ekaterinburg

    Russian girl Alexandra from Ekaterinburg

    Alexandra y/o from Ekaterinburg, Russia
    175cm. 61kg. Hairblack, EyeBrown

    You are brave and looking for me!...

    Alexandra Russian dating

  • Russia date bride Alena Voronezh

    Russia girl Alena from Voronezh

    Alena y/o from Voronezh, Russia
    183cm. 61kg. Hairdark, EyeGreen

    I am looking for insecure young man, faithful and loving, self-confident!...

    Alena Russia dating

  • Russian date bride Kseniya St.-Petersburg

    Russian girl Kseniya from St.-Petersburg

    Kseniya y/o from St.-Petersburg, Russia
    170cm. 57kg. Hairbrunette, EyeBlue

    I believe that we will get married and will be happy for the rest of our days.....

    Kseniya Russian dating

  • Kazakh date bride Ainur Astana

    Kazakh girl Ainur from Astana

    Ainur y/o from Astana, Kazakhstan
    165cm. 57kg. Hairwhite, EyeHazel

    I am looking for a serious relationship, with anyone- young...

    Ainur Kazakh dating

  • Russian date bride Karina Grodno

    Russian girl Karina from Grodno

    Karina y/o from Grodno, Belarus
    165cm. 61kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue

    I am looking for serious man, stable, kind, intelligent, educated....

    Karina Russian dating

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