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  • russian date bride Yulia Tomsk

    russian girl Yulia from Tomsk

    Yulia y/o from Tomsk, Russia
    165cm. 65kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen

    I want to find someone who will love me as I am. Which I will need as a wife and mother of his children!...

    Yulia russian dating

  • Russian date bride Irina Ivanovo

    Russian girl Irina from Ivanovo

    Irina y/o from Ivanovo, Russia
    168cm. 49kg. Hairdark, EyeBlue gray

    First of all I am looking for best friend, I think that only after we will learn each other as friends a little we will have chance to build something...

    Irina Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Inna Khabarovsk

    Russian girl Inna from Khabarovsk

    Inna y/o from Khabarovsk, Russia
    175cm. 69kg. Hairred, EyeGray

    Its not important for me what YOU will outwardly, to important for me what YOU will inside. And I know precisely that somewhere you are! My heart is ...

    Inna Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Marina Troitsk, Chelya

    Russian girl Marina from Troitsk, Chelya

    Marina y/o from Troitsk, Chelya, Russia
    163cm. 57kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue green

    My biggest desire is to find my true love, and together, we shall live in the cloud of romance and a lifetime of happiness. I dont want someone I can...

    Marina Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Yuliya Novocherkassk

    Russian girl Yuliya from Novocherkassk

    Yuliya y/o from Novocherkassk, Russia
    163cm. 51kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    My dear! Your religion, your skin are not important for me! I can promise you that I will do everything possible to make you happy, to make you proud ...

    Yuliya Russian dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Lyudmila Lvov

    Ukrainian girl Lyudmila from Lvov

    Lyudmila y/o from Lvov, Ukraine
    168cm. 57kg. Hairbrown, EyeHazel brown

    Hello! My name is Ludmila and I will be happy to communicate with you. Hope to hear from you soon!...

    Lyudmila Ukrainian dating

  • Tatar date bride Liza Belebey, Bashko

    Tatar girl Liza from Belebey, Bashko

    Liza y/o from Belebey, Bashko, Russia
    173cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlack

    May be I am looking exactly for you......

    Liza Tatar dating

  • ukrainian date bride Marina Zhytomir

    ukrainian girl Marina from Zhytomir

    Marina y/o from Zhytomir, Ukraine
    165cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen


    Marina ukrainian dating

  • hakassian date bride Natalia Tomsk

    hakassian girl Natalia from Tomsk

    Natalia y/o from Tomsk, Russia
    155cm. 49kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen


    Natalia hakassian dating

  • russian date bride Anna Zaporozhye

    russian girl Anna from Zaporozhye

    Anna y/o from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
    175cm. 75kg. Hair, Eye

    Hi. Ask about me...

    Anna russian dating

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