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Anzhelika russian date ID 33506
1985 y/o Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
160cm. 57kg. Hair, EyeBrown

I hope to meet nice man, ready to create happy and strong family. I want to love and to be loved... = I will make you happy!...

girl Olga

Olga date ID 33426
1985 y/o Sevastopol, Ukraine
175cm. 51kg. Hairbrown, EyeDark brown

I am looking for interesting person....

Russian girl Yuliya

Yuliya Russian date ID 33417
1985 y/o Omsk, Russia
163cm. 49kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue green

Hello! If you are looking not serious relations, but virtual games, then dont write me! I am here not to play games! I am looking for kind, intelligen...

Russian girl Inna

Inna Russian date ID 33479
1988 y/o Khabarovsk, Russia
175cm. 69kg. Hairred, EyeGray

Its not important for me what YOU will outwardly, to important for me what YOU will inside. And I know precisely that somewhere you are! My heart is ...

Russian girl Alisa

Alisa Russian date ID 33327
1984 y/o Sevastopol, Ukraine
168cm. 57kg. Hairdark, EyeDark brown

I am looking for intelligent, interesting person with a good sense of humor. I hope to meet you soon......

Russian girl Irina

Irina Russian date ID 33421
1985 y/o Moscow, Russia
168cm. 51kg. Hairblonde, EyeGray

I want to meet the reliable and kind man......

Russian girl Elena

Elena Russian date ID 33383
1984 y/o pos. Prudnyi, C, Russia
175cm. 65kg. Hairred, EyeGreen


German girl Karina

Karina German date ID 33381
1987 y/o Karaganda, Kazakhstan
157cm. 47kg. Hairblack, EyeBrown


russian girl Tatjana

Tatjana russian date ID 33358
1984 y/o Novokuznetsk, Russia
170cm. 53kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

The most important qualities are kindness, compassion, honesty, respect, understanding, and always be ready to help in difficult times....

Russian girl Nadya

Nadya Russian date ID 33401
1987 y/o Strezhevoy, Tom, Russia
162cm. 50kg. Hairblack, EyeBlack

you gotta be smart, handsome, decent....

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