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  • German date bride Karina Karaganda

    German girl Karina from Karaganda

    Karina y/o from Karaganda, Kazakhstan
    157cm. 47kg. Hairblack, EyeBrown


    Karina German dating

  • Tatar date bride Liza Belebey, Bashko

    Tatar girl Liza from Belebey, Bashko

    Liza y/o from Belebey, Bashko, Russia
    173cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlack

    May be I am looking exactly for you......

    Liza Tatar dating

  • ukrainian date bride Marina Zhytomir

    ukrainian girl Marina from Zhytomir

    Marina y/o from Zhytomir, Ukraine
    165cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen


    Marina ukrainian dating

  • hakassian date bride Natalia Tomsk

    hakassian girl Natalia from Tomsk

    Natalia y/o from Tomsk, Russia
    155cm. 49kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen


    Natalia hakassian dating

  • Russian date bride Nadya Strezhevoy, Tom

    Russian girl Nadya from Strezhevoy, Tom

    Nadya y/o from Strezhevoy, Tom, Russia
    162cm. 50kg. Hairblack, EyeBlack

    you gotta be smart, handsome, decent....

    Nadya Russian dating

  • russian date bride Elena Rostov-on-Don

    russian girl Elena from Rostov-on-Don

    Elena y/o from Rostov-on-Don, Russia
    168cm. 53kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    I am looking for nice man for serious relations. I hope to create comfortable, cozy home, full of warmness and love. I hope that you are goal-oriented...

    Elena russian dating

  • Russian date bride Lyubov Ozersk, Chelyab

    Russian girl Lyubov from Ozersk, Chelyab

    Lyubov y/o from Ozersk, Chelyab, Russia
    170cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeBrown

    As all girls I am waiting for my prince, who will be my beloved one, my the only one! We will live happy and long life together......

    Lyubov Russian dating

  • russian date bride Oksana Istra, Moscow r

    russian girl Oksana from Istra, Moscow r

    Oksana y/o from Istra, Moscow r, Russia
    176cm. 60kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    I hope to find you soon......

    Oksana russian dating

  • Russian date bride Nadezhda Baltiysk, Kalin

    Russian girl Nadezhda from Baltiysk, Kalin

    Nadezhda y/o from Baltiysk, Kalin, Russia
    173cm. 59kg. Hairblonde, EyeBrown


    Nadezhda Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Irina Kerch

    Russian girl Irina from Kerch

    Irina y/o from Kerch, Ukraine
    173cm. 57kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue gray


    Irina Russian dating

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