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  • Russian date bride Ekaterina Moscow

    Russian girl Ekaterina from Moscow

    Ekaterina y/o from Moscow, Russia
    170cm. 51kg. Hair, Eye

    First of all I dream about finding understanding from your side... I hope that we will always support, love, take care about each other. I hope that w...

    Ekaterina Russian dating

  •  date bride Dinara Tashkent

    girl Dinara from Tashkent

    Dinara y/o from Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    170cm. 51kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

    I want to find my real man, my second part. I want to say that I will always love you and never betray We can make each other happy!!!...

    Dinara dating

  • russian date bride Juliya Sochi

    russian girl Juliya from Sochi

    Juliya y/o from Sochi, Russia
    163cm. 47kg. Hairbrown, EyeGreen

    I love to dream and believe in miracles. All men are totally different, but there are similar, here to meet his own kind...

    Juliya russian dating

  • Russian date bride Ekaterina Tomsk

    Russian girl Ekaterina from Tomsk

    Ekaterina y/o from Tomsk, Russia
    170cm. 55kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue green

    Sometimes it does not interfere remember that dawn lasts only a few minutes, but its beauty can warm our hearts forever. RA Salvatore....

    Ekaterina Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Mariya Omsk

    Russian girl Mariya from Omsk

    Mariya y/o from Omsk, Russia
    165cm. 59kg. Hairwhite, EyeBlue

    Im looking for the one sole! where are you my dear?...

    Mariya Russian dating

  • russian date bride Julia Barnaul

    russian girl Julia from Barnaul

    Julia y/o from Barnaul, Russia
    163cm. 57kg. Hairbrown, EyeGray

    I want to find you, wherever you are. I believe that this will happen. And I will feel happy, protected and loved by your side....

    Julia russian dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Valentina Gorvovka

    Ukrainian girl Valentina from Gorvovka

    Valentina y/o from Gorvovka, Ukraine
    165cm. 67kg. Hairbrown, EyeBrown

    Hello! A huge thank you for reading my profile and hope that I can you something interesting and maybe one day, with a simple Internet correspondence ...

    Valentina Ukrainian dating

  • Russian date bride Evgeniya Bratsk

    Russian girl Evgeniya from Bratsk

    Evgeniya y/o from Bratsk, Russia
    163cm. 47kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue

    How to describe my man It is very difficult question, but I will try to answer. First of all my man shall not be boring, he shall have good sense of ...

    Evgeniya Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Viktoriya d. Krasnenkaya

    Russian girl Viktoriya from d. Krasnenkaya

    Viktoriya y/o from d. Krasnenkaya , Russia
    168cm. 65kg. Hair, EyeBlue green


    Viktoriya Russian dating

  • Russian date bride Tamara Vladivostok

    Russian girl Tamara from Vladivostok

    Tamara y/o from Vladivostok, Russia
    157cm. 45kg. Hairblack, EyeBlue

    see u in real life.....

    Tamara Russian dating

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