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Russian girl Olga

Olga Russian date ID 33527
1986 y/o Moscow, Russia
175cm. 67kg. Hairbrown, EyeBrown

I want to establish a strong family....

girl Farida

Farida date ID 33817
1987 y/o Dimitrovgrad, Russia
163cm. 53kg. Hairhazel, EyeBrown

I dream to find intelligent, reliable, faithful, romantic, nice man with a good sense of humor. I hope that you will become my life partner and may be...

ukrainian girl Tatiana

Tatiana ukrainian date ID 33796
1987 y/o Kharkov, Ukraine
168cm. 53kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

At home, I can not find a soul mate, and wants to have a loved one, to understand each other, help each other to be happy....

Russian girl Margarita

Margarita Russian date ID 33785
1988 y/o Yubileinyi , Mo, Russia
175cm. 61kg. Hair, EyeGray

I hope to meet nice person and to create happy family......

Ukrainian girl Nadezhda

Nadezhda Ukrainian date ID 33374
1985 y/o Belovodsk, Ukraine
178cm. 65kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

Where are you, my intelligent, interesting, handsome dark haired man? I am waiting for you and hope to meet you soon!!!!...

girl Anna

Anna date ID 33686
1985 y/o Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
165cm. 53kg. Hairblack, EyeGreen

I know one thing- if people are in love, all the rest things do not matter. The most important is to be sure in your beloved person. Life is so great ...

Russian girl Mariya

Mariya Russian date ID 33703
1987 y/o Krasnoyarsk, Russia
170cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue green

I would like to meet nice man for serious relations. I hope that you have a good sense of humor. =...

Russian girl Yuliya

Yuliya Russian date ID 33653
1985 y/o Simferopol, Ukraine
170cm. 53kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue

I need a strong and caring men, who would be kind and understanding. I hope my dream of happy family will be true....

russian girl Dasha

Dasha russian date ID 33610
1988 y/o Tambov, Russia
175cm. 61kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue


Russian girl Marina

Marina Russian date ID 33580
1987 y/o St.-Petersburg, Russia
163cm. 53kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen

I want to become your support, your helper in life, at work, I want to support you in different life situations, to share all positive moments, sad da...

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