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I’ll make you heart go boom boom! I never stop halfway and I always make a step forward in order to achieve my goals. As a rule, I am a realist, but deep inside I am a complete romantic.

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I appreciate everything I have because you can always find some positives in any situation. I can surprise and be very different: affectionate and tender, or quick and active.
I like having a walk by the seaside, it is like a supply of energy for me. I wish to see the whole world with my own eyes.

I have a kind heart, traditional values and I never take anything for granted. I am able to love unconditionally and I am looking for that kind of love.

For me it is important to find my loved man, to create with him a new world of happiness and joy. It will be the highest success for me. There are no perfect people in the world, but you can always find a perfect one for you!

To me means nothing, really – the main things for me in relationship are love, understanding and respect. And these have nothing to do with the age. I am looking for strong and reliable man with good sense of humor. If you know one, tell him to contact me

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