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Olshana mujer ucranianas novia

Foto mujer ucranianas Olshana

  • ID:36349 Prénom:Olshana

  • Yo soy mujer ucranianas Olshana para novia, los niños none de Pavlograd Ucrania,
    con ojos Black y pelo black.
  • Tengo 32 años de edad, mi cumpleaños , delgado y mido 171 mi nacionalidad - ucranianas.
  • Estoy Estado civil single y mi religión Christian-Ortho, Never fuma
  • Hablo English 5 y el trabajo como un dance coach, y la educación Higher
  • Yo soy mujer ucranianas Yo soy mujer busca hombre para el matrimonio, un hombre de 029-59 años

  • Ciudad de residencia - Pavlograd Ucrania
  • Propio idioma - English 5
  • Critéres recherchés: Looking for someone who will be able to talk. Yes, that is what I mean. So often couples split up because they keep silence. first, because each of them has an illusionary reason to be offended, then it.s not comfortable to break this solitude. And after that it seems that people forget common language at all. I don.t wish this to my relationship that is why i have such an odd request
  • Personalité: different.
  • Hobbies : read.
  • Personnel: My happiness consists of instant moments, like sitting on a window sill covered into a warm blanket while it.s raining outside, being frozen but staying outside watching snowflakes. dance under the light of lantern, waiting for a butterfly to enjoy nectar of a flower not to frighten it, feeling love of a person when he is staying in front of you and saying nothing, eating your favorite gum that reminds you about childhood, having bunch of air balloons for birthday party is the best present, being able to tell someone about your love.

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