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  • Russland date bride Marina St.-Petersburg

    Frau Russland girl Marina aus St.-Petersburg

    Marina y/o aus St.-Petersburg, Russia
    175cm. 59kg. Haar-Farbe brown, Auge Farbe Green

    On character I am cheerful, optimistic, I love beauty and refinement in everything....

    Marina Russland dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Larisa Udmurtiya, g. I

    Frau Russland girl Larisa aus Udmurtiya, g. I

    Larisa y/o aus Udmurtiya, g. I, Russia
    173cm. 77kg. Haar-Farbe hazel, Auge Farbe Blue gray

    I am cheerful, goal-oriented woman with optimistic life views. I like active life style....

    Larisa Russland dating bräute

  • ukraine date bride Mila Poltava

    Frau ukraine girl Mila aus Poltava

    Mila y/o aus Poltava, Ukraine
    168cm. 67kg. Haar-Farbe dark blond, Auge Farbe Green

    I have kind heart. I am gentle, tender, romantic and punctual person....

    Mila ukraine dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Nataliya Moscow

    Frau Russland girl Nataliya aus Moscow

    Nataliya y/o aus Moscow, Russia
    160cm. 53kg. Haar-Farbe brown, Auge Farbe Hazel

    I have created a gentle nature inside myself, I am sensitive, feminine, caring, tender...

    Nataliya Russland dating bräute

  • ukraine date bride Elena Tiraspol

    Frau ukraine girl Elena aus Tiraspol

    Elena y/o aus Tiraspol, Moldova
    170cm. 61kg. Haar-Farbe black, Auge Farbe Brown

    I am romantic, passionate, kind woman. I want to love and to be loved by my dear partner. I am easy-going person....

    Elena ukraine dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Viktoriya Sevastopol

    Frau Russland girl Viktoriya aus Sevastopol

    Viktoriya y/o aus Sevastopol, Russia
    170cm. 63kg. Haar-Farbe brown, Auge Farbe Brown

    I am stable person and I always support family values and traditions. I am faithful and honest in life....

    Viktoriya Russland dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Yuliya Krasnoyarsk

    Frau Russland girl Yuliya aus Krasnoyarsk

    Yuliya y/o aus Krasnoyarsk, Russia
    165cm. 51kg. Haar-Farbe blonde, Auge Farbe Brown

    About my character I would say that I am sensitive, attentive, sincere, tactful, patient, caring woman with a good sense of humor....

    Yuliya Russland dating bräute

  • Belarusian date bride Olga Minsk

    Frau Belarusian girl Olga aus Minsk

    Olga y/o aus Minsk, Belarus
    173cm. 71kg. Haar-Farbe blonde, Auge Farbe Green

    It is difficult to judge my character, I could say that I am open, sincere, cheerful, responsible, soft, womanly person....

    Olga Belarusian dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Natali Pavlodar

    Frau Russland girl Natali aus Pavlodar

    Natali y/o aus Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
    163cm. 57kg. Haar-Farbe dark, Auge Farbe Hazel

    I am medical worker and it brings me pleasure to help people and to communicate. I temporize with people....

    Natali Russland dating bräute

  • Russland date bride Nataliya Almaty

    Frau Russland girl Nataliya aus Almaty

    Nataliya y/o aus Almaty, Kazakhstan
    168cm. 53kg. Haar-Farbe blonde, Auge Farbe Blue green

    I am absolutely open person and I suppose that it is not bad and even helps me in life. I love children, enjoy doing sport. I like doing my job....

    Nataliya Russland dating bräute

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