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  • I am Yana Ukrainian bride, children none from Kupyansk, Khark Ukraine,
    with Hazel eyes and black hair.
  • I am 30 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 168 and my ethnicity - Ukrainian.
  • I am Marital status single and my religion is Christian-Ortho, Never smokes
  • I speak English5 and work as a administrator, and education Higher
  • I am Ukrainian woman looking man for marriage, must be 025-55 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : We are always looking for something during the whole life. Some people are impatient to meet some particular people, others are dreaming about getting something material, for someone else
    it.s more important to gain some inner development, for some all this at once is important. Being here I have my expectations as well. I hope to meet my inspiration here, a person who will
    be interesting to me and with whom we.ll have respect towards each other. I believe that we.ll find the right words to tell each other what we must listen to and hear. This moment I have a
    happy life but when I meet another happy person, our lives will change for better. That is what I believe in.
  • Personality : Kind,romantic,faithful
  • Hobbies : Yoga,sport,cooking,make-up, movies.
  • Personal : I will start from admitting that first I looked through some profiles at this site before I made
    myself to start writing this. To be honest, I was impressed with all creativeness that other girls
    have. But I hope you will forgive me if I won.t imagine anything extraordinary . not because there
    is nothing what could impress you in my personality. I just like to be myself and in an ordinary
    life I dont invent some unusual ideas each second. I am always different but in this difference I
    am still who I am. And I am a girl from Ukraine who is tired of inflated words of men. Obviously,
    that is the reason why I don.t want to shock you with my imagination thinking that it will help to
    win your heart. You will better find yourself what is interesting in my character, what is unusual
    and which part of my personality is absolutely ordinary because, I guess, exactly this part has a
    chance to become the dearest to you. I am attracted to honesty and it makes me believe that others
    are attracted to me because of the same. Hope these words will find calling in your today.s mood.

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