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  • ID:34344
  • I am Ekaterina Russian bride, children none from Gelendgik Russia,
    with Blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • I am 26 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 175 and my ethnicity - Russian.
  • I am Marital status Never and my religion is Christian-Ortho, Socially smokes
  • I speak English4 and work as a volunteer, and education College
  • I am Russian girl looking man for marriage, must be 020-32 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : I have always been foreigners, I will not hide it. If you like, I write. I will try to reciprocate.
  • Personality : I am lazy, but very stubborn. I do not consider themselves better than others, but if that someone
    else expresses a desire to compete with me, bitterly regret this. I know that when need be, I can do
    anything, but I rarely need.
  • Hobbies : dance, sport, travel.
  • Personal : I try to fight for justice, but it turns out as always. People are fools and will only learn from
    their mistakes, it is useless to prove anything. I am a fool. Bothers me a show. I often say
    nothing. I have a lot to be quiet. I love to be alone. I am selfish. I love my friends. All the time
    I stooping and all 10 years of struggling with this. I do not sing in the shower, but I sing when I
    listen to the player, quietly to himself, that others have not. I love to dance since childhood and
    I consider it one of the main occupation of pastimes in my life. I feel angry when I am talking
    about me bitter the truth, and so you know.I do not like to cook, because I want to stop eating when
    finish cooking. I love to sleep. I know what happiness is, use it. Very much I want to achieve in
    life, but so far no shit it does not do. I am surrounded by really good people, so there is hope
    that I, too, a good man.

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