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  • ID:34725
  • I am Ekaterina russian bride, children none from St.-Petersburg Russia,
    with Blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • I am 30 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 168 and my ethnicity - russian.
  • I am Marital status Never and my religion is none, never smokes
  • I speak english4 and work as a teacher, and education MAMSMBA
  • I am russian woman looking man for marriage, must be 00-0 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : Smile please?
  • Personality : Kind smiling =
  • Personal : Each person in itself is free and only having found that unique person with whom it is ready to
    share the further lot freedom finds sense!!! Dont limit itself in it... Before occurrence of bright
    flash in your life!

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