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  • ID:42043
  • I am Channing bride, children none from Birobidzhan Russia,
    with Green eyes and red hair.
  • I am 33 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 170 and my ethnicity - .
  • I am Marital status Never and my religion is , Never smokes
  • I speak English5 and work as a instructor, and education university
  • I am woman looking man for marriage, must be 00-0 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : I am looking for a kind, loving man.
  • Personality : Personally i am calm, very friendly, optimistic with good sense of humor, very positive and happy.
  • Hobbies : I am artist and like painting very much by hand and in special computer programs. My favorite theme
    is cosmos.
  • Personal : I am Channing from Russia, i like nature,animals,art,photography,antiques and many other things. I
    like to travel and take pictures of new interesting places. For about 10 years i lived in China and
    graduated from two universities medical as a doctor of Chinese medicine, accupuncture and
    university of arts. China is very beautiful country and i traveled all around China learning its
    culture. During the period i studied in school of martial arts. And still i am training every day. I
    was born in a big military family. My father is a retired colonel and working in emercom now, mother
    owns a shop. Grandmother is a judge and grandfather is retired detective. My aunt is a judge too. I
    have a younger sister and she is advocate. What about me i am still exploring what the path to
    choose. I worked as a doctor of chinese medicine in center for about 2 years. But co workers were
    too unfriendly so i gave up the job and now working as riding instructor and horse trainer in horse
    club. I love horses very much and happy with the job for now. I have two horses and take care about
    them myself, and its a lot of work I have tons of hobbies. I like cooking and prefer to cook for
    myself then eating in fast food cafe. I am into collecting antiques, especially old coins,stamps and
    watches and i have big collections. I dont like parties and clubs, and prefer spending time on
    nature, walking hiking fishing or biking. I like to go fishing and hunting with my dad, this is our
    common hobby only

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