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  • ID:44693
  • I am Marina Ukrainian bride, children none from Vinnitsa Ukraine,
    with blue eyes and shaten hair.
  • I am 28 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 160 and my ethnicity - Ukrainian.
  • I am Marital status Never and my religion is Christian, never smokes
  • I speak German 4 and work as a seamstress, and education MAMSMBA
  • I am Ukrainian girl looking man for marriage, must be 028-35 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : I am looking for marriage, family creation. Who is my man? I will answer the best man! The best because only to you I will allow to be the best, better than me. You will be always one step
    forward from me, one idea better than mine, more patient, kinder. Woman shall believe in herself and in her man.
  • Personality : I suppose I am adequate, stable, interesting person. I am friendly, responsible, ready to help to my
    dear people and friends in any moment.
  • Hobbies : I have many interests in life. I enjoy travelling, reading. I love sewing normally I am lawyer by
    profession, but enjoy sewing so I am hobby that for now my hobby is my profession. I enjoy listening
    music, going to the nature and many other things.
  • Personal : I am interesting person. May be sometimes I can be aggressive and not competent. But I think that it
    depends on how society treats me. I dont have a grievance against someone for long period. I try
    to be neutral, not aggressive in relations to people who treat me not good. I am phlegmatic by my
    nature, but at the same time I have something egocentric and feminine inside of me. I respect
    opinion, positions and characters of other people. But my interests and goals at the first place
    for me. I fight only if I feel that something has sense for me.

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