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  • ID:47110
  • I am Evgeniya Ukrainian bride, children none from Kiev Ukraine,
    with Green eyes and blonde hair.
  • I am 24 my birthday , I have slim body my height is 170 and my ethnicity - Ukrainian.
  • I am Marital status Never and my religion is Christian-Prote, Never smokes
  • I speak English4, Germa and work as a teacher, and education MAMSMBA
  • I am Ukrainian girl looking man for marriage, must be 027-38 y.o.

  • ISO(InSearchOf) : You must be yourself and accept who your partner is. A good relationship starts with acceptance. You must not force your partner to be someone else because she wont do it perfectly well and
    will cause problems.
  • Personality : I study at the university and my future profession will be a teacher. So from now I start learning
    being patient, faithful, calm, strict when it is required, intelligent
  • Hobbies : Travelling is my hobby and passion. When I have chance and possibility I try to visit new places and
    I learn something new from every trip I go.
  • Personal : Hello, I am Evgeniya. I would like to think of myself as being a very open individual and also
    honest. I am open minded, who like to share and opening the eyes to the world. I am rather curious,
    I enjoy to share mind, feeling with some good people. I prefer to try living without the ego, to
    have my ears, my eyes opening on the world. the happiness is hidden beyond the words, beyond the
    codes, like a melody that should be decipher with eyes.

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