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How to understand the jealous woman – love languages

Feelings of love and jealousy – an eternal theme to discussing. Even if your relationship is serious, but you’re still not together, at a distance in online dating, and communicate by correspondence, you can see a lot of things in letters. Such feeling as jealousy can not be ignored, since it restricts the freedom of communication. Besides, nobody likes the suspicion with reason and without it!

But what is it a jealousy, and can it be win?
If we consider the possible emotions and feelings, the jealousy is somewhere on the border of resentment and envy. Offense at the lack of something important in a relationship with beloved person, and envy those who have this important in abundance.

For example, for one person it is important to be praised and appreciated for what he make, but the other partner never notices it. But notice the merits of other innocent people, and doing it in the presence of a beloved one. Of course, partner will have a feeling of jealousy. Because he gives the others that, for the second partner is important as manifestation of love.

Do you know how important manifestation of love your woman has? After all, it may not coincide with your manifestations and demands of love relationships.

For example, if she need a heart-to-heart talk, and you’re only talking the compliments, she can think you loves her not so much. And, it is likely she will be jealous of you to the people with whom you spend more time in conversation – to colleagues, friends and relatives.

Well-known psychologist and family therapist, Gary Chapman, analyzing the cases of their clients, found that the cause of quarrels and resentment between men and women more often – failure to understand the “language of love” of another. Language of love – is the way in which we express our love and that takes her from the other people. Five love languages are – words of encouragement, gifts, touches, quality time (spend time together, talk, do something together, etc.) and service (the help in some specific deals – to help
her mom with a repair, take her to the summer residence, etc.).

In most cases, jealousy can be avoided if you know what your beloved needs, and give it her in abundance. Although, unfortunately, there are times when you want to impossible – for example, does not communicate with any other women at all, or all the free time to give only her …

In any case, each pair has solved this problem independently. This way requires more energy – you must to withstand a certain period, while continuing to show love and attention until we will have a right level of trust. But if the trust was formed, then the relationship can become closer and stronger. The main thing – do not forget to show yours feelings!

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