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Myths and stereotypes in relationships

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The love at first sight it is a true love!

The myth about the “magic fluids” or “immediate reaction” to the object of passion tells us that love can be true only if the strikes like thunderbolt during the first meeting. Instant love and a dazzling start relationships. And then becomes difficult to recognize the true love, quietly grown beside.

Everyone knows this myth! And for some people it’s the absolute truth. Even if they do not admit aloud, secretly believing in “love at first sight”, this struck in the first five minutes of dating.
When the youth heard this myth, he begins to dream about stunning moment when, just look into the eyes of the girl, he immediately without doubts will understand: here she is, my intended for the rest of life! And all other feelings are not similar to such a vivid emotion; it’s kind of pathetic true love.

What is it a feeling that starts in the first meeting between the man and woman? If this is not love at first sight, what is?
- It can be physical attraction. That is coming straight sexual response to the person to whom you ascribe greater emotional component, than it actually is. And you can not stop thinking about this woman not because you fall in love, but only by the fact that she arouse sexually.
If this person is very similar to an ideal partner, created in your imagination, then such a strong physical attraction can easily be mistaken for love. Especially, if you are “wired” for instant rush of emotions. But the peak of instant desire so often change to disappointment that this relationships does not justify your hopes.
- Fascination with the image. Sometimes you think you fall in love, but actually “fall in love” in image of the person: the appearance, blue eyes, majestic bearing, magic stare, charm etc.

physical attraction women

physical attraction women

Okay, but what about the couples who twenty years later argued that since the very first meeting to understood that they are created for each other? Maybe it’s love at first sight? Most likely, they are really experienced a strong attraction and emotional contact, from which subsequently grew up to strong and happy relationships. Yes, with first glance, they catch the meaning of something special, but true love has evolved over time.

The truth about love at first sight. It is necessary only a moment to experience infatuation, but true love comes with time. First impression of a woman is not enough to determine whether she will be good and loving partner. To discover the character of a person, not just its appearance, it takes time. It is easy to fall in love, but to create a healthy relationships requires hard work.

Do you believe in love at first sight? This has already been in your life? Do you have your own story?

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