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Men should know that he should look like a gentleman in the eyes of his beloved. If he doubts that his action is regarded as a gentleman, then it should not make. In relations between men and women there no any code of behavior.

Here are some basic rules of behavior in communicating of men and women:
- On the street a man usually goes to the left of the lady.
- Before entering the room a man opens the door for a woman, and he comes after her.
- If a man and woman go anywhere by taxi, the man opened the right rear door. The woman sitting first, a man sits down next to her.
- Man goes first from the auto and helps to get a woman.
- If a man drive the car himself, first he helps the woman to sit in the front seat, and then he sits behind the wheel.
- Going down the stairs, the man goes to one or two steps ahead of women, and rising – for a couple of steps back a woman that to support her.
- In the wardrobe man helping the woman to get undress, gave her a coat.
- A true gentleman always helps a lady of any age to carry heavy things or gives her a place in public transport.
- Well-mannered man will never sit in the presence of ladies standing or sit down without being invited.
- Well-mannered man will never talk to a woman of her age. A priori, there follow the rule: a woman so many years, as she looks.

- Never touch a woman without her desire, to take her hand, to touch her during the conversation, take the arm above the elbow, unless you are helping her get into transport or get out of it. If you think that your feelings can you hugs and kisses, in any case not do it on the street and in the presence of strangers.
- Gentlemen always arrive in time. If a man meets a lady at the appointed place, a delay of 5 – 10 minutes is acceptable, but … is highly undesirable.
- According to the rules of etiquette man comes to the dating for a few minutes earlier. His delay may put a lady in an uncomfortable position, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you should try to tell her about it.
- A woman can waiting for her beloved, yet allows the strength of her feelings.

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