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Love hormone

love relationshipThe hormon Oxytocin they call ‘the love hormone’ or ‘the cuddle hormone’. Why do the Oxytocin attract so much people’s interests and press in last time?

First, it is a hormone, and so, natural part of vital functions of the human body. The women produce this hormone in their organisms abundantly during and after childbirth, and this is indication that the hormone can play a role in the psychological bonding of mother and child. Other researches has found changes levels of Oxytocin are associated with stress, feeling of trust and empathy.

Recently there has been a lot of research in different institutes of all over the world seeking to verify the role of Oxytocin as possible benefits in treating psychological problems ranging from social anxiety to autism and schizophrenia. In particular, big study was carried by Prof. Markus Heinrichs (Department of Psychology, University of Zürich)
Swiss experts believe that the impact of this hormone is able to transform even the silent person into the the life and soul of the any company. Oksitotsin suppresses the discomfort. In the experiment have taken part 70 volunteers, suffering from isolation and inability to establish contact with other people. Half an hour before the start of training participants in the experiment has sprinkled with spray containing oxytocin.
The result exceeded all expectations: recent bugaboo, shifting from foot to foot because of emotional stress on the need to have on a conversation with strangers, have turned into an incredibly talkative, emitting positive personalities. Moreover, the training has shown that under the influence of “trust hormone” people are able to take a more active and responsible social roles

Any more from a list of what Oxytocin might do for individuals and for society :
- Reduction social anxiety and shyness
- Treatment of the symptoms of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome
- Treatment of the secondary and even the primary symptoms (delusions) of paranoid schizophrenics
– Help couples to support relationships
– Reduce levels of stress
- Raising attractiveness to the opposite sex (with help of nasal spray)
- Help to businessmen make sales (by increasing trust and empathy)
- prevention of misuse by advertisers and politicians to ’sell’ their goods or promises

Not a fact, that we’ll see Oxytocin drugs or pills anytime soon. It has been found that the only effective delivery method to get the hormone inside the blood stream is to inhale it through the nose. So, more likely that any Oxytocin medical or commercial uses of Oxytocin in the near future will come in the form of Oxytocin nasal sprays (

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