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All the inhabitants of our planet, sooner or later learn the feeling of love. The relationship between man and woman are due to the etiquette of courtship, which was formed last few centuries. Many beautiful pairs collapsed or did not take place only because of the fact that one of the two lovers did not know how to build a loving relationship and how to behave in this new situation.

Romantic dating relationships

How to learn to understand your loved one

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It’s no secret that people speak different languages. However, not everyone knows that there are also different “languages of love” .. Sooner or later the scales of love fell from the eyes, feeling become cool, the demerits of the second half become more evident. There comes a time to work, lest your “fire of love” don’t die away. The main thing – to understand what a language does your beloved use and learn it!

How to understand your loved one

About kisses

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Experts identified what kiss work up a woman the most of all. It turned out, most women did not consider a kiss on the lips the most exciting. According to the research, most women like the kisses to her neck. 97% of the fair sex was named the most sensuous such affection and pleasant. Some women admitted that they are even ready to give up kissing on the lips for the sake of their men often kiss their neck.

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The stereotypes in relations. The True love win all obstacles

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At heart we all secretly hope that if we truly love partner, the problems, conflicts or set of circumstances not prevent us to making our love to be successful. The belief in this myth ( stereotypes in relations ) often resulting to such consequences.

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Stereotypes in relations. The ideal partner give you an satisfaction on any count

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Very often, enter into relations we subconsciously expecting that the partner will meet all our wishes. You can guess what you’ll feel when it does not get: an insult and disappointment. So, the stereotype in relationships that the “ideal partner give you an satisfaction on any count” has some negative consequences:

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