Ukrainian women dating

Dating Russian brides
  • Russian date bride Olesya Lugansk

    Russian woman Olesya from Lugansk

    Olesya y/o from Lugansk, Ukraine
    168cm. 54kg. Hairdark, EyeGreen

    Im easy in dialogue with other people, I am able to listen, I am easy going, cheerful, decent, faithful....

    Olesya Russian dating

  • Ukraine date bride Alla Izyum , Harkov

    Ukraine woman Alla from Izyum , Harkov

    Alla y/o from Izyum , Harkov , Ukraine
    170cm. 63kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue gray

    I am a usual Ukrainian girl, cheerful, romantic, pensive, sincere, fair, sometimes unpredictable... I like to be at home, I love to cook, I prefer fam...

    Alla Ukraine dating

  •  date bride Anna Zaporozhe

    woman Anna from Zaporozhe

    Anna y/o from Zaporozhe, Ukraine
    173cm. 57kg. HairBrown, EyeGrey-blue

    I am the open book, which you will read infinitely and to learn something new with each page....

    Anna dating

  • Ukraine date bride Nataly Lugansk

    Ukraine woman Nataly from Lugansk

    Nataly y/o from Lugansk, Ukraine
    168cm. 50kg. Hairblack, EyeBlue

    nice, kind, faithful,honest, friendly...

    Nataly Ukraine dating

  • ukraine date bride Tanya Kirovograd

    ukraine woman Tanya from Kirovograd

    Tanya y/o from Kirovograd, Ukraine
    170cm. 61kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue gray

    careful,lotal, romantic....

    Tanya ukraine dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Natasha Poltava

    Ukrainian woman Natasha from Poltava

    Natasha y/o from Poltava, Ukraine
    165cm. 59kg. Hairblonde, EyeBlue gray

    Gentle, appeasable, kind....

    Natasha Ukrainian dating

  • ukrainian date bride Nadiya Chernovtsy

    ukrainian woman Nadiya from Chernovtsy

    Nadiya y/o from Chernovtsy, Ukraine
    163cm. 49kg. Hairbrown, EyeBlue gray

    Im dependable, generous, emotional, ambitious, just a little bit stubborn......

    Nadiya ukrainian dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Svetlana Harkov

    Ukrainian woman Svetlana from Harkov

    Svetlana y/o from Harkov, Ukraine
    165cm. 61kg. Hairdark, EyeGreen

    Cheerful, easy in dialogue....

    Svetlana Ukrainian dating

  • Ukrainian date bride Irina Zaporozhe

    Ukrainian woman Irina from Zaporozhe

    Irina y/o from Zaporozhe, Ukraine
    165cm. 49kg. Hairblack, EyeGreen

    Easy going, kind, sympathetic, rare-temperamental, punctual....

    Irina Ukrainian dating

  • Russian date bride Irina Evpatoriya

    Russian woman Irina from Evpatoriya

    Irina y/o from Evpatoriya, Ukraine
    170cm. 59kg. Hairblonde, EyeGreen


    Irina Russian dating

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