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Ukrainian bride Lilya

Lilya Ukrainian bride from Svatovo, Ukraine
1982 y/o

I am calm, life loving and optimist...

russian bride Lyudmila

Lyudmila russian bride from Kharkov, Ukraine
1973 y/o

I am aristocrat.By origin from Polanda (before 100 year). O...its so long way that my family owercome. Love my mam,sisters and seefood...

Ukrainian bride Irina

Irina Ukrainian bride from Mariupol, Ukraine
1973 y/o

Im kind, easy going young woman, it is difficult to discompose me....

ukrainian bride Tatiana

Tatiana ukrainian bride from Kiev, Ukraine
1968 y/o

charming lady, eternal romantic..spontaneous character, expressive, good mannered..mixture of cool water with affectionate sun...sometimes a puzzle, s...

Russian bride Lidiya

Russian bride Irina

Irina Russian bride from Harkov, Ukraine
1974 y/o

I am calm, kind and balanced person. I love children and animals. I am a good listener and I like communication. I am very romantic person....

ukrainian bride Svetlana

Svetlana ukrainian bride from Myrgorod, Ukraine
1968 y/o

Cheerful, sociable, intellectual... My character is a kaleidoscope, but very harmonious. The optimist at heart, bright and not boring....

russian bride Olesya

Olesya russian bride from Kerch, Ukraine
1986 y/o

I am creative, careful and loyal person. I always achieve the purpose. I try to see in all the positive parties....

Ukrainian bride Natali

ukrainian bride Anastasiya

Anastasiya ukrainian bride from Balakleya, Ukraine
1985 y/o

gentle, romantic, passionate, determined, modeest,self confident...

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