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Ukraine bride Lana

Lana Ukraine bride from Kharkov, Ukraine
1975 y/o

The charming woman combining feminity and mind, charm and nobleness, tenderness and pride, sensuality and sincerity, kindness and understanding, roman...

Ukrainian bride Olga

Olga Ukrainian bride from Herson, Ukraine
1970 y/o

Steady, kind, careful. The optimist, I like to cook. I like to walk in spring park....

Ukraine bride Olga

Ukrainian bride Zehra

Ukrainian bride Tatyana

Tatyana Ukrainian bride from Kirovograd, Ukraine
1978 y/o

Im the typical representative of the zodiac Scorpio...

bride Svetlana

Svetlana bride from Odessa, Ukraine
1969 y/o

active, curious, tender, romantic and practical at the same time, faithful, cheerful, independent...

ukraine bride Alena

Alena ukraine bride from Shostka, Ukraine
1983 y/o

Kind, fair, close, I love a house cosiness!...

Ukrainian bride Svetlana

Svetlana Ukrainian bride from pos. Vishnevyi, Ukraine
1973 y/o

I have very strong character. Several times I changed the quality of my life for the better. Very often I can determine the character of the person at...

Crimean tatar bride Elvira

polish bride Valentyna

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