The ideal Russian woman – what she is?

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Singles Russian women of your dreams
The majority of men, of course, want to have the good relationships. But what it means? For one man good relations can be, when his woman care of him. For other man good relationships it are he comes home by a dinner in time. Someone wants that she not to abuse it in the presence of his friends. And still, it can mean that she says that loves him at least sometimes. Healthy relationships are filled by love, respect, friendship, attention, and care. These are relations, in which man and woman really best friends, and beloved.

So, before you start to acquainted with all women ( russian brides )who have meet and be disappointed that «again not such woman I want to», “draw” a portrait of your ideal wife.
You can to dream infinitely about a woman what you should see near to yourself. Trust your thoughts to a paper. Sit down and attentively write down all that you want to see in your darling as though you project the house in all its details. Remember: there is no purpose, there is no place to aspire.

1. Begin with those characteristics which necessarily your beloved should have. Describe, what values she has in life, what education, and how she lived before your meeting.
2. And what does she look like? Age, growth, the physical forms? You can even specify a color of hair and eyes. It doesn’t mean that it is the main treats, but you have the right to wish for yourself the best of women.
3. Define her aspirations and the purpose. That does she want to reach in life? How much she is ambitious, purposeful? Are she want to do career, or she should be at home and bring up children?
4. Specially waste time and decide, how she should concern to you. How she will behave in a difficult situations, for example, when lack of money? Whether she will be always friendly and attentive, or her mood can change? What character she should have?
5. What do you want to do together? Go to restaurants, travel to the tropical countries, skiing in mountains, run in the mornings or to be at home and watch TV? What you do together as hobby, one of the important points of ideal joint life.
6. What does she think of your friends, relatives, children, sex? How many children do you want to have, and how soon after wedding they should appear at you? It is really serious question, because in the future such point can be a reason of divorce. All it is necessary to talk in advance!
7. Describe her outlooks: the basic vital principles, philosophical and religious beliefs, her political views if you want that she will be politically educated. And as you simply dream, you can imagine everything what it seems to you really important for your new life.

This list of her merits will be the starting way to the woman of your dreams. You will be surprised, having noticed, that a lot of this advantages will be peculiar to the woman who will enter into your life soon!