Beauty ukrainian bride

Beautiful ukrainian woman for marriage

The attractiveness of Russian brides the truth or the myth?

The exceptional beauty of Russian women is the notorious fact. But some people believe that it is no more than a myth, and Russian women are vain hope that their appearance makes them competitive with Western rivals. So what is indeed the idea of special beauty of Russian Women – myth or truth? And what does think about it the Western men?

beauty russian women
Beauty russian women
Many foreign men said that was surprised how many beautiful women in the Russian dating Internet sites, and so many beautiful women there no in their countries. View the Russian men-emigrants in Germany: “If you see a pretty girl on the street, then necessarily it are Russian or Polish, but not German”. Several men who live or have been in Denmark – they say that Danish women do not so attractive and any pretty woman in the middle of Russia, as compared with them a supermodels. Russian man after visit America said that he was surprised that in the streets are practically no beautiful women. As a rule you can see the beautiful women russian brides sat in the all expensive cars, they are not single. Americans, which go to Russia to meet woman, say that in Russia a lot of beautiful women in general.

Many psychologists notice that according the proverb, “man still loves by eyes”, and appearance for him is more important that for the woman. He is more being biological creature, and can not live without instincts, since the nature arranged him.

In the Middle Ages, as is known in Europe was so called “witch-hunt.” Women was accused of witchcraft and burned at the fire. Moreover, the distinguishing sign of a witch was a beauty. More often Burned the most beautiful young women. If a baby girl born a beauty, her killed in infancy, fearing that didn’t grow a witch. So was destroyed gene pool of the beautiful women in Europe. In Russia, too there have been cases when women have charged in witchcraft, but more rare. In Russia the witch not associated with the young beautiful woman, more often it was a terrible ugly old woman with a hooked nose and stooping figure.

Therefore, the extermination of gene pool at different times in Europe, and in Russia went separate ways: in Europe is destroyed and spoil the gene pool of women, in Russia – the gene pool of men in during the Revolution, Civil War, Stalin’s repressions, World War II, Socialism (there is no physically but morally). So, the situation in Russia is the such – an overabundance of beautiful women – and lack of decent men. For this reason the Russian women search a man abroad – that to have a clever husband, happy family, but not a Green Card or prosperous living

beautiful russian women
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