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Teachers of “Flirting school” convinced that a large number of dates will help to man to became the self-confident person. But there are many other views and approaches. For example, Thain vann Eveyk convinced that to decide this problem will help the analysis, first of all to gain insight into thoughts, feelings and confidence. In the Eveyk coexist psychologist, entrepreneur and writer.

After university education he joined the oil company to the position of manager. After 32 y.o. he realized that he wanted to do something useful for himself and for others. So he decided that his work is not suitable and retired. One year Vann Eveyk worked on the creation of the book “Master of Flirting.” This course is for the men, who want to improve themselves, as well as textbook for developing of art of courting.

Vann Eveyk convinced that the man’s problems because of low self-esteem, it have deep roots that lead to childhood. Do you remember who gets more in school from teachers? Of course, to the boys, and it formed the impression that boys can’t make any deals rightly. Since the boys are surrounded by women, they decisive and formed the boy’s opinion. Mom and teacher from the kindergarten praising the boy only if he is gentle and affectionate. Thus, the manhood is not praised, but it punished, it leads to the complete destruction of masculinity in infancy. According vann Eveyk, men must to remember that they are the stronger sex. Because the majority of women, in his view, choose the type “macho”. When the woman noticed ingratiating notes in the man’s behavior, a lady loses all interest to the such man.

The majority of men in flirting schools fall into one of two categories. First – are men who like to improve themselves, the second – “virtuoso of flirting”, for them to search for something new is the sporting interest. The more a virtuoso will win on the personal front, the better for him. They like to told about their superman’s feats. Some rules of flirting art

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Dating woman for marriage

1. A witty remark can be made into compliment, but it should be said about little detail, which can be changed easily. Critical compliments “- a tool that smoothly working to arrange the contacts. Do not think that woman respond positively, but this can be corrected.

2. From time to time say “no”. Many men agree completely anything to get a favor and inclination of woman. “No” is that magic word that should be applied to achieve the favor.

3. Smile, let your confidence comes from you, as sunlight. Let your appearance will show that you are happy with yourself.

4. Sometimes talking slowly and lowers your voice. Show your interest. Ask the questions to know more about your lady.

5. Open a little secret to her. Women likes little secrets.