Online brides ukraine Alina
Online brides ukraine Alina

Qualities which attracted of ladies

A little bit about what attracts Russian women most of all? When women read the novels about love, they attracted by the image of the protagonist, image of the knight, defender, which women lack in the usual life. What qualities are looking women in the real life? What qualities of men do they like best and which does not? How to be attractive to girls?

Sense of humor. Really the humor able to “melt an ice” in dialogue with women. Be sure if you can make her laugh, then you own her soul and her body.
Mind and creative thinking. Mind is sexy, if shows an interesting way for her. Use your creativity and your mind to surprise her with new ideas, fantasies, and unexpected actions, fascinated her.

Culture and taste. If you have a taste – russian women likes this. A color of your belt combine with the color of your shoes? Do you understand anything in the interior design or houseplants? Do you know the different types of wine? Do you like foreign films? Do you understand something in fashion?

attractive russian woman

Dating attractive russian woman

Do you like Frank Sinatra? Do you like exotic food? Are you cooking something when she visit your home? Do you open the door for her? Women always notice these things.

Education is attractive trait for women, if it demonstrates with an interesting perspective for them. Some women may be afraid of erudition of men, if they are not educated, but if you know where to stop, it will be only plus for you.

Dominance. Women have an unconscious attraction to dominant men. Dominant males in some primate groups are involved in 75% of pairings, while males are at the bottom of the hierarchy, may not participate in it at all. The same patterns occur in the human world.

Care. Women like not only gifts. They like the fact of taking care of them. Gift is a symbol. Women feel the same pleasant feelings about card or a diamond ring (of course, perceptions from the diamond will be for a longer period). But most women like to know that you think about her.

Observation. Women notice the details, they use it to be attractive and attentive. If she wears sexy clothes, she wore it for a reason. If her hair is neatly arranged, it’s not a fortuitousness. The man, who notices these details, attracts women and makes a strong impression on them.

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Pretty russian woman looking for marriage

The unpredictability / predictability. Here is a small paradox. Women likes men which they can not control or predict their actions. They obsess by guys who flirt and endows them signs of attention, and then got lost for some time. Predictability becomes attractive when a woman find husband. In this case the woman wants to live with a very predictable man!
The enthusiasm and gaiety. Nothing is more annoying person, as the spleen of another. Some men may suffer and grieve at a time when woman is happy, and thus, spoiling her mood. This is a fatal mistake. Enthusiasm is contagious and incredibly attractive to women.

adventurism. This feature brings together the main heroes of romance novels. Women fascinate from intercourse with men who like to make extreme, exciting, unusual and even dangerous things, able to live for today. World of adventure is captivates and hypnotizes women. In addition, adventurism is sexy – he raises sex before unimaginable heights.