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Pretty russian women personals marriage

How to be attractive to the pretty women

Prosperity. The image of modern man has changed in understanding of the modern woman. Ladies appreciate the individual achievements a lot. If before the well-being associated with government structures, now a real man seemingly should have his own business.

Another sign of time: in love deals the money constituent became play a big role. Don’t accuse the women of covetousness immediately: money spent for courting shows how cavalier able to provide a potential family in future.

Romantic hero – quite demanded man, and in his image quite organically fits the material well-being. It is not so important, where you did the money and not even then, how many of it, if only they were spent for certain purpose. In short, our time allow men to become more manly, and women – more feminine.
Appearance. What can alienate the women?

Pay attention to shave. If your cheeks are covered by three-day biting stubble, then you have a few chances. Do not try to give it a fashionable nowadays easy unshaven – to maintain the hair on the cheeks in right size – it requires a hefty talent. Generally, to a face is paid no less attention than newspapers or business partners.

The greasy hair or dandruff – a few people like it. Wash your hair with fragrant shampoos – it is is a thing for granted for every person today.
After a meal instead of a cigarette brush your teeth, if it is impossible – use the chewing gum, pre-serving teeth. If your teeth are stained through and through, in this case, even a remedy with menthol will not help you.

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If your feet sweat a lot quickly, have antiseptic cream for the feet, use cologne – a bad idea.
Your morning starts with a glass of juice with a multi-vitamin, or freshly squeezed juice (milk or yo-gurt going well too) See to your hands and nails. Nails should be trimmed, and soft, well-groomed skin at the hands. It is enough that doubts in your masculinity will fall off. Hang in your bathroom a bright light bulb or make a good light. You must have a mirror in the bath-room certainly!

pretty russian woman

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Certainly, you understood that the foregoing is the minimum program. For more detailed program for the care you can create and maintain yourself.