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Dear Andrew!
There is no decisive answer to your serious and rightful question. For maximum fairness I will try to explain many aspects which will help you to understand and accept the situation of women dating site base.

Our site is reflection of reality, existing at the other side of the monitor. It means that everything good or bad in reality find place at our dating site too.

In our era of freedom and permissiveness, television, magazines and internet simply shower “porno” media, clips, video to readers, spectators, viewers: Young people are the main users of these products. Seeing more and more of this, children accept such behavior model as right model.

Just imagine that at the TV their idols dress themselves as porno-stars! The same situation is in the internet. That is why girl think that if she will wear more modest cloth, or post modest photos, then she can subject herself to ridicule, or people can think that she is “bluestocking”. The second moment is rating, competition among multi thousandth female catalogue. In their strive to engage more and more attention, girls makes very open pictures, imitating sex-stars. Young people think that it is very important to show their sexuality. The cause of this is absence of propaganda of innocence, beauty, intelligence, competence value: That is why girls check pictures with porno effect.

I advise you to choose more adult women, actualized themselves. Respectively their pictures are also different. In our catalogue there are many women of 30 years old and more, may be you will like someone among them.

I will not hide the fact that many 40 years old and older men are looking for very young rusian brides (search criterion 20-30 years old). So, market gives rise to proposal:
One more cause of the reason why young girls are ready to create relations with adult men is the situation inside of the country, where there are no stability and guaranties. That is why in their strive to leave the country girls try to create family with adult men. They don’t place special demands on partner’s age.

Only time can show what is the end of such relations. But girls know about possibilities, provided by other countries with stronger economic and politic situation, with stronger social security system.

It is also important to talk about one very serious question. Scamming: Unfortunately scamming takes place as from the side of foreign men, so vice versa. That is why we warn all our clients: “Stay alert! Follow our
advises!” We call to each woman, whose profile will be placed at our dating site. At the same time many girls register their profiles themselves at the site. Among such girls there can be scammers. Of course they are very few in common base of brides, but even one drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine… That is why we pay great attention to this question.

Please, be especially careful with sexy beauties girls from Tatarstan (Cheboksary, Yoshkarala) and Ukraine (Lugansk). The reason is unemployment and very low salaries in these regions. The easiest cheating plan – the girl informs you, that she wants to meet you and asks money for tickets and visa for her trip to you. There is very simple solution of your financial security – to meet the girl you shall go to her town and stay in the hotel. In this case the problem drops itself without sending any money to anyone. As long-term
experience of our work shows, the first meeting is the best way to check if the girl is real and serious in her intentions.

If you had correspondence with scammer, then your offer to come to her place can simply cancel your correspondence or can activate persuasions to meet in the third country or at your home. First meeting shall take place in the native place of the russian woman! If you met each other and decided your relations can grow up to something serious, then second meeting shall take place at your home. Following this plan you will stand secure. Of course financial assistance to your beloved one will fortify her confidence to you, but only after real meeting!!!

young russian girls

Young russian girls for marriage

And one more very important thing we shall talk about – your mood, spirit, mind, desires, your attitude to this question. If you are looking for your second part with heavenly thoughts, if you sincerely believe that you will
find your dear love, your second part, if you are absolutely sure in favorable outcome of your searching, if you don’t afraid of being scammed, then success is guaranteed. Each person has his own choice!

Uncertainty and fear will attract to your life everything what will confirm your fear! It is the rule of the Universe! “Victim” always attracts the “executor”. Or in other words likes call to like! Fear is one of the strongest destructive powers. You afraid of being scammed and send powerful signal to the Universe. And Universe confirms this signal, gives you lesson which you shall pass to get experience and escape from this fear. If you didn’t pass the lesson, then you will pass it again and again. Scammers will exist until people will be afraid of being scammed! That is why first you shall escape from your fears, doubts, negative thoughts and become confident in yourself, become the owner of your life at the level of thoughts and emotions.

By our faith we will be given. Have good dating!