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After dating, when the relationships are warm and steady, you’re planning a meeting, going to live together in the one house as a family in the future. But while the situation is stronger your feelings. Do not let go the deals, or documents, visas to enter the country too long consider, for example.

What you can make to save the such relationships? Before attempting to provide some ready-made recipes, let’s look at the situation objectively. You both aspire to each other, missing, but circumstances while are stronger than you. Therefore, such negative feelings, like loneliness and hopelessness can visit you both. This is especially true for women. Women are emotional, express their feelings openly. Of course, she realizes that there are real obstacles, but it is difficult to restrain herself. The fundamental mistake of men in these situations is that they are trying to discuss the problem, resulting in rational arguments.

Yes, the situation is difficult, and certainly the best solution it is to be reunited as soon as possible. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done now. For example.

1. You are consider the inability to be together, but I still feel lonely and depressed. These feelings should be expressed. Make it clear to the woman that you know what she feels, you know about her senses and regret that she has to go through all this. The more open such a conversation, the better.

2. Try to make virtual communication as much as possible personal. A telephone conversation is better than writing, visual communication (using a webcam, for for example) – better, then phone call. Try to be more interested in her emotions than the deals and achievements. Allow her to complain to you. Let it also expresses the negative feelings, she will feel better. Take compassion and tenderness, as difficult as it may have been done in a situation of non-personal communication.

3. Try to talk more about your own feelings. About how you love her and how you respect her, miss her. Say, that you often think of her, how you would like to meet and embrace her.

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These recommendations could allow the situation for some time to hold out, but generally the time it is helpmate in this situation. So, take care your feelings, and believe in a good result. Some day your dream comes true!