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most beautiful women from Ukraine

Rating of cities with the most beautiful women made by journalists from different parts of the world. The most beautiful woman from no less famous countries. Ladies from other countries suggest not upset, but included in the competition for beauty! Or, in voting for the top five most beautiful men!

  • Number 1. Kiev, Ukraine
    Kiev is, no doubts, the city where live the most beautiful girls. Visiting Kiev it is really hard to believe that such a beautiful girls even exist! They are no less beautiful than their Russian one. Come to Kiev in the summer, the water park on an island in the Dnieper River – a collection of hot spot for sunbathing Ukrainian beauties. And for those who think that beautiful women are boring – Ukrainian women are willing to deny this fact immediately. Women in this country as beautiful as the educated, and always ready to talk about literature or philosophy.
  • Number 2. Stockholm, Sweden
    You’ve probably seen the type of Swedish women. Yes, there are a lot of beautiful women in Sweden. The streets of Stockholm, crammed with these gorgeous girls, they are high and bright. Scandinavians are known throughout the world for their friendliness and tranquility, so any man will be happy to have such a partner. Stockholm second in the world in a rating of beautiful girls, but the first in the list of the most beautiful men.
  • Number 3. New York, USA
    The only American city in the list – New York – was an inch from the first place. Because it is New York – a mixture of different cultures and nationalities, and the city you can find the most beautiful women in the world. Walk to clubs and parks, offices and shops, everywhere you will find girls, beautiful like a models. But what makes women in New York so special – this, of course, the fashion!
  • Number 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sure, in Buenos Aires, there are the most beautiful women in South America! There they were just more than in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. That there is only a cultural atmosphere of Buenos Aires! And what it a romantic place! Do a gift for yourself – visit this extraordinary city, and perhaps find the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in my life, and she will teach you a tango!
  • Number 5. Varna, Bulgaria
    Bulgaria is not the best-known country, even the Europeans are sometimes hard to find it on the map, but the lack of great renown compensate the beautiful women and stunning scenery. Varna – beautiful town on the Black Sea coast, and in summer the town is packed with sunbathing beauties. Like their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, women are tall and blue-eyed. So travelers from around the world are discovering the gem that is Bulgaria.

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