Dear Vladimir,

I want to take the opportunity of this letter to express to you my most heartfelt gratitude for your kind efforts and those of who aided you in making my visit to Tomsk an experience whose memory I shall cherish for a lifetime. My quest to find my kindred soul and love of my life is over after over two years of searching the world over. I have made many visits to many countries and I have finally found true love.

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It has been a whirlwind romance and one full of surprises. My long journey has taught me to be prudently cautious however the feelings I had from the moment I first spoke with Olya by phone caused me to depart from my conventional wisdom and follow my heart. I am so very glad I did. Olya’s letters enchanted me from the beginning and after only a matter of weeks, I spoke with her for the first time and remember how I felt after that call. It is ironic in that I have a friend who feel in love with a beautiful Japanese woman over the internet and I remember how I thought him to be irrational when he said he loved a woman he did not meet. I remember after that first phone call with Olya, how I sat looking at her endearing eyes from a photograph. I am not a middle-aged man looking for therapy for a mid-life crisis. I am no stranger to relationships and have dated many woman in American and abroad yet I never felt that I knew what love was but I always knew that I would recognize it when I found it. As I stared at her photo, my heart raced with excitement. The thoughts of her plagued me every moment of every day and continue to do so. It was not what she said on that phone call or in her letters, it was the feeling I got in my heart from being touched by an angel.

Soon after our first call I discovered that she was fortunate enough to have a broadband internet connection. We began to do video calls with each other morning and night. We chatted, we stared at each other through our webcams and listened to each other through the internet. It was so enchanting. We spent no less than two to five hours a day together via the internet. I felt in my heart feelings strange and foreign but pleasurable beyond words. Olya is, as you know, an incredibly beautiful woman but it is not her outward beauty that captured my heart. It was the beauty within, her kind heart, her endearing nature, her unselfishness, her optimism and her zest for love and life that I fell madly in love with. Yes, I, like my friend, fell madly in love with a woman I had never touched. After only two weeks I decided I must go to Tomsk. I was paralyzed at work. I could get nothing done. I could not sleep for all I thought about were the possibilities. I had been disappointed by six other trips to meet nine other women but I had to go see Olya and validate these strange but wonderful feelings – and so I did. I came to Tomsk and from the first moment I looked into her eyes and felt the warmth of her heart I knew that she was the love of my life – she was what I searched for for so long and at such great expense – she was, the other half of my broken heart.

Today we are madly in love with one another. I have proposed marriage and she has accepted and we are commited to living out our lives in perfect love and endless passion.

None of this would have been possible without your help. From the moment I departed the airplane in Tomsk, you become my indispensable and attentive friend. You made all the difficulties associated with such travel your priority and allowed me to focus on my purpose – the lovely Olga. You even went so far as to recover my lost baggage without my being involved or even concerned. I am no stranger to international travel yet I can assure you I do not know what I would have done without your assistance. It was vital to the success of my trip and therefore critical to me culminating my purpose with Olga.

Buildings and roads do not make a city – people do and I found Tomsk an enchanting place with a people warm and accepting of a stranger from a land far away. My visit to Tomsk was without equivocation the most pleasurable of all I have experienced and in large part I owe the success of the visit as well as finding my treasured beloved to you and those who assisted you.

Please accept my most heartfelt gratitude and please feel free to use this letter as a reference and testiment to your services and abilities. You may also refer any prospective client to me as I would be glad to relate my pleasure with all you have done for me.

With warm regards,

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