27-years old Alena Fedorovskaya and her friend 28-years old programmer Vladimir Osipov got 5 years of general regime colony.

Judicial session above scam agency

Scam agency Mariy L The judge of Verkh-Isetskiy court begins reading the materials of the affair: within a short period of time from 2000 till 2002 these two people scammer more than 15 fiances from Canada, Great Britain, and the USA. The total sum of money, got by a “fiancee” is more than a million rubles.

Gold vein scam girl

Scam girl Alena Fedorovskaya specially attended the courses of English language. Vladimir created the site of marriage meetings – “Russian beautiful girls”, put the biography and a picture of Alena there. The first man to find her was a citizen from the USA – Julior Colbert. Alena corresponded to her “beloved” person for some weeks, talked to him by phone, later she told him about her feelings. This American man sent 620 dollars for visa registration and a ticket for the plane. Then Ms. Fedorovskaya “was late for the plane in Moscow, then she was cleaned out”. Everything this she told to her “future husband”, sitting in Yekaterinburg.

Mr. Colbert fell in love with her and so he sent 620 dollars more. At this the romantic relationships were stopped. Mr. Osipov got money transfer, and Alena Fedorovskaya vanished.

The next American man sent 79 thousand rubles to the bride from Russia. Similar scheme took its place: corresponding, payment for a visa, tickets, unforeseeable consequences. And it repeats. This American man – Mr. Smith lost 36 thousand rubles, Mr. Kershner from the USA – 49 thousand rubles, Mr. Barns – 53 thousand rubles, and Mr. Floyd – even 139 thousand rubles.

In Moscow Ural beautiful girl was cleaned out, and she was constantly late for the plane. And fiances sent more and more in order only to get her to the states.
So Americans Mr. Shmitkeh and Mr. Korsa paid 150 thousand rubles to the scammers, while Alena had no even a foreign passport.

Verdict to scam agency

Marriage scam site At the Embassy of the USA Alena Fedorovskaya was declared a marriage scammer. The girl just at once appeared to be Osipova Natalia, and later Anna Chuprekhova.

The site “Russian beautiful girls” was also changed – “Nadezhda”, “Scarlet”, “Angelina”. Alena turned her attention to Great Britain. An English man Mr. Pein lost 2, 5 thousand pounds sterling for the “marriage”. The first man to recollect suddenly was a Canadian man Mr. Kleshinsky. Having sent about 1000 dollars, he followed, where the money was got. It turned out to be not in Moscow, but in Yekaterinburg. Mr. Kleshinsky wrote an application to the police.

Besides, later eight “future fiances” handed in applications, and one man even came to Yekaterinburg personally.
Officers of the criminal investigation department quickly found the site of Mr. Osipov and his programmer, withdrew rigid disc with correspondence and other files. Neither Mr. Osipov nor Ms. Fedorovskaya made a confession in the crimes. ”Money? – The fiancee were perplexed. – These were the presents to me, and what concerns the number of chosen men, so the heart has a will of its own!”

– Osipov Vladimir Aleksandrovich is sentenced to five years imprisonment – colony of general regime, – the judge says, and a young man covers the head with his hands. Anna gets the same term.

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