Russian women brides Ukraine
Russian women brides Ukraine

Of course, each of Russian woman has her own reasons to look for a husband abroad, but all the reasons come down to three major ones. First of all – the general lack of men in Russia and other countries of the CIS (according to the latest data, the number of Russian women is 10 million more than that of Russian men).

The majority of those few men who are still free are not the ones that Russian single ladies want to meet (alcoholics who are not able to support their family etc.). Finally, the third reason is an unfavorable economic situation in the country.

But what do the western men need? Financially secure gentlemen who live in safe countries look for a wife at another end of the world. This lady is often not very self-confident, has a lot of problems, a completely different mentality, often with no whatsoever knowledge of the foreign language… Aren’t there enough women in their own countries?! According to statistics, the amount of men considerably exceeds the amount of women in all economically developed countries.

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What are the reasons for this? There are many, but perhaps two of them are the major ones: the high level of the health services, allowing to help male babies survive as embryos and prolonging their lives at a mature age (a bit more boys than girls are born in Russia, but boys live for much less…); and the huge amount of emigrants who constantly increase the male population of the developed countries.

For example, about one million people annually leave for the US officially. Who are they? Yes, the majority are lonely men or families. It is really hard to imagine lonely Russian ladies dating to make such a desperate step. Although such women exist, there are very few of them. In the US the number of men is 8 million larger then the number of women. They are the potential grooms.
There is also the infamous disappointment of many Americans in American ladies. The feminist movement of 50-60th years has reached its goals: American women achieved full equality, but they also lost a lot. Their men consider them to be too thrifty and unattractive. Because of the notorious laws about sexual harassments, many women have stopped to care about their bodies’ fitness and wear only trousers. They have become very fat because of fast-food and have turned into man-like sexless human beings).

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That is why so many American men have started to look for Russian single ladies, who are considered to be much more feminine, beautiful, family-oriented and caring.