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What is it the “right” photos? Probably, it is the photos where you are the natural. There is such opinion, that the dating profiles without the photos are not popular (though it happens differently :)), therefore it is necessary to show the best you have.

There is a probability, that photos, as an illustrative example can create certain mood at acquaintance. If you put the images in a swimming costume or without it and are writing at the same time, that you want to get acquainted “for the serious attitudes” – there can be some contradiction, you see we do not go in the swim suits on the streets and the successful acquaintances can be not only on a beach or in pool, where it is possible to see all bends of a body.

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Dating photo russian girls

The accommodation of professional photos not the most correct way for the search of the partner in online russian dating sites for marriage, and, it is probably contradicts to a many advices. The cases are known, when professional visagiste, stylist and photographer do such handsome person, that you do not know again yourself in a photo, and at meeting this discrepancy will become clear . As a result – are disappointed will be both sides. Therefore, it is better, if you will look alike to yourself, if the a discrepancy at meeting will take place, let yours new girl will be even more charmed of you at meeting, than disappointed.

The subjects of a photo also can determine first tone of acquaintance, let there will be the things which is important for you in life. If career and work have the large value for you, so, put the photos in a suit, at office, or representative specificity of your activity; if you a homebody, love a garden, animals, so, put the photos at the home armchair, with the cat etc, if you like to travel, for certain, you have a lot of photos from the rest.

The photos with actions, unusual for you, will not frighten off the applicants, but are not successful. For example, don’t place the photo, where you are going mushrooming, if you did it once in life and it is not your hobby, or on the horse riding, if you have climbed up it the first time. The photos in style of “it is I’m in France, on Hawaii, in the Thailand” create the certain mood and the certain impression too.

dating russian girls

dating russian girls looking marriage

Not necessary to put a lot of photos, there is enough of one-two. Already more and different photos it is possible to send to the person with which you will have the regular correspondence. The gallery “it is I’m reading”, “I’m washing the plates”, “go for a walk with a dog”, “it is I’m with my first cat”, “it is I’m with mine budgerigar”, and etc hardly will increase quantity people wishing to get acquainted with you.

One more plus casual, not of professional photos, where you poses – the casual photos frequently show the emotions – thoughtful or laughing, serious or coquettish – so, choose the such, where you like to yourself.