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Hot russian love match Russian girls for marriae
The men marks out the Russian girls in a crowd accurately. Even living in Europe (America or Asia) during five years, Russian woman will stand out against a background of others all the same. Even without a make-up and artificial clothes. Why? What such especial is in the slavic girls, that them know again, looks around her, give the flowers, brilliants and others lovely doodad, endowing sometimes even by the precious savings!

Not only in Russian jokes, but also in life, the Russian women have a hormone, we’ll name it as a hormone of feminity, and just it attracts the men from all world (not at all the economical, fidelity and thrift). “Even without heels the Russian woman will pass by you so, that our neck will turn to her following”, – the Italians and Spaniards admire. The inhabitants of the more northern countries are amazed the charm, energy and activity. The Japanese, Korean and Chinese names the Russian women friendly, beautiful, educated, but very “tall”; and the American men speaks, that the Russian girl brides – “super-spicy” (“hot russian brides”).
But also, certainly, there is a special category of the men. They consider the Slavonian as the easy-wife, quiet wives, contented of all, dreaming about the Danish Hamlet princes… These men unable for any reasons to make a marriage with women of their country, and marry the Russian women – russian girl dating

Strangely enough, the concept of love and the family till now have the huge value for the Russian woman. They still want the lunar walks, a whisper on ear, the declaration of love, one million scarlet roses on engagement and on each anniversary of wedding. The European woman consider such “widgets” as an immoderation and vestige (though, it seems to me, they are cunning) …
All without exception the men marks, that the Russian women ‘very intelligent’. The mind, education and natural charm make they the perfect interlocutors, therefore husbands do not hesitate to take the Russian wives on the receptions, banquets etc. And due to the beauty and feminity, the Russian wives eclipses on these banquets all others.

The mad sparkle. This is just such thing that Enrique Iglesias loves in his beloved Anna Kournikova. More times the singer declared in the interview , that he go mad from the Ann’s ability to make everyone pranks, not were afraid to break the nail or to tear a stocking. Hot Enrique repeatedly emphasized, that more, than the external data, he appreciates in Ann a spontaneity and internal beauty …

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The strength of mind. This is a riddle which the men of all world try to solve by centuries. The force, optimism, vitality of the Russian women admire the men, running into a panic from any trifle. And frequently European or American husbands study at the Russian wives to be stronger, more quietly, more optimistically, you see Russian woman with pleasure becomes a psychologist and a mate for her beloved.