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Imagine a wife of your dream… What is she like? Most men would prefer a beautiful lady with pleasant features of face, sexy, charming, a good-natured lady with gentle character. All these are characteristic of most of Russian women. This fact explains the great popularity of brides from Russia.

Natural beauty of Russian brides is highly regarded by foreign men. These women do their best to look almost like film stars both at home and outdoors. This careful attitude to appearance is very pleasant to the men’s eyes. Russian women are being brought up with the sense of inner and outer harmony. Physical appearance is very important to them and they are eager to look presentable all the time. They also prefer to look healthy – lots of them enjoy fitness to keep fit.

In addition these women are not only beautiful and ideal in creating comfortable home atmosphere. They are highly educated. Russian educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world. Best Russian brides, lots of women have college degrees. Besides, during their life Russian ladies are eager to higher their educational level. They are interested in various subjects and are really good collocutors.

The other favorable feature is their moderation of character. Russian wives try to balance their personal needs with ones of their husbands’, they are able to accept the values of their second half, find a compromise or make concessions when it is necessary. They enjoy the responsibility to be a wife and a mother. Unlike many European women who are keen on their career, Russian brides are home-oriented. Even if they work, family takes the first place in their life. They are not afraid of domestic tasks like cleaning and laundry. Most Russian women are really good in cooking.

Their romantic, gentle character, natural sensuality and physical attractiveness make them extremely popular wives among foreign grooms. Men seek feminism and find it in Russian women.

Why are the russian women interested in husbands?

Why cannot Russian women find husbands in their native country? The answer is very simple – the number of women over 20 years old exceeds significantly the number of men. There are millions more women than men in Russia. The mortality rate of working men is high. Besides a great number of divorces makes Russian woman seek foreign husbands who would value wives, who live for the sake of family happiness.

In Russian society women traditionally get married early – approximately between ages 22 and 26. Early intellectual and physical maturity makes Russian women look for proper life partners. As the chances to find such a person in their native country are poor, women try their luck on the Internet dating services.

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Unemployment and low salaries in Russia also unable women realize themselves socially. Ladies feel that in this country they cannot reveal their intellectual potential. Better state of things in foreign countries looks very appealing to them.

On the psychological level women want to be valued and respected by their husband. In foreign men they look for understanding and good treatment. Lots of Russian men get wife’s good attitude for granted and give nothing in return. Women do not want lazy or rude husbands. They seek true love. Russian women want husbands to be interested in children’s upbringing. But the way of life of many Russian men makes it is impossible to create a happy home atmosphere.